I’m a longtime member and employee of a synagogue in Southern California. Two years ago the wiring in our traditional yahrzeit display began dangerously malfunctioning. I was tasked with finding a solution, but was shocked to discover how expensive all our options were. Merely upgrading the old yahrzeit boards to modern wiring standards was quoted at $15,000. The cost of commissioning an entirely new wall display was far higher.

I explored the digital yahrzeit products available as well, but didn’t find any beautiful or unique enough to justify the prices I was quoted. So finally I teamed up with a colleague — Emmy-award lighting programmer and web designer Patrick Boozer — and together we created our own very display.

That's how Y.I. was born.

We believe that interactive displays are the future of yahrzeit memorial. And we believe that all temples, no matter their size, should be able to have a yahrzeit screen that reflects their own personal aesthetic. So it’s our mission at YI to offer a product that is beautiful, customizable, reliable, and affordable.

--Jason Marx, Y.I. Co-Founder

Amazing Custom Yahrzeit Memorial - Vibrant Orange