Yahrzeit Interactive has a full in house design team with experience in projects large and small. However, our company mission is to help small synagogues elevate their Yahrzeit space without needing a massive budget.

Your Yahrzeit Interactive Display is comprised of three main components:

  • A commercial-grade touchscreen
  • A micro-computer which runs the screen
  • Mounting hardware to hold the screen and conceal the computer

There are various attractive ways to mount the yahrzeit screen to your synagogue wall. We will help you find the solution to fit both your synagogue’s aesthetics and its budget.

The simplest approach is to attach the screen to an attractive wooden table. The table top provides a space to place information and the underside of the table can be used to hide the electronics.

A simple wooden surround can be used to make the screen feel more natural.

The micro-computer can be concealed behind the screen, in a recessed box in the wall. By mounting the screen to an articulating arm your synagogue’s yahrzeit administrator can easily access the computer when necessary.

Alternatively, the computer equipment can be hidden inside a custom wooden shelf mounted below the screen.

The shelf can open in the front for easy access. Yahrzeit Interactive can have these shelves built from any material your synangogue desires - or can even provide simple construction plans.

Another option would be an attractive wooden surround built around the screen. Here we have an opening behind the screen to mount equipment inside. Again, a simple articulating arm allows you to move the screen away from the wall to access the computer.

At Yahrzeit Interactive our mission is to provide attractive, high-end design solutions to synagogues of all sizes.