Can the screen be customized for our synagogue?

Absolutely. The Yahrzeit Interactive software allows for customization on many levels.

  • Your synagogue’s own logo and name will display at the top of every page.
  • You can select from any of our backgrounds
  • Plaques can display up to 3 lines. Choices include Name, Hebrew Name, Gregorian Date, Hebrew Date and Hebrew Date in Hebrew
  • Hebrew Month Names can be chosen to match your congregation's spelling
  • Email and PDF Reminder Letters can be customized
  • Biographies and Images can be customized

Will the screen display loved ones' Hebrew names in Hebrew?

כן זה יהיה (Yes it will!)

Does the screen allow for both Hebrew and Gregorian dates?

Of course. Every digital plaque can be scheduled according to whichever dating system the family observer prefers.

What names does the screen display on Yizkor days?

On the four annual Yizkor dates the screen respectfully scrolls all names in your synagogue’s archive in alphabetical order.

Is there a “Shabbat lock” feature for the screen?

Yes, all touch screen functionality can be automatically disabled during Shabbat hours for congregations who wish. At those times the display will function in “visual mode” only, with a polite message stating that touchscreen functions are currently off.

How many photographs can be added?

Each personalized memorial page can have up to six color or black and white images. All images are cropped vertically (“portrait style”). It’s possible as well to combine to two horizontal (“landscape style”) photos into a single frame, thus expanding the total number of photos to twelve.

How long can a biography be?

There’s technically no limit to the length of a loved one’s biography. From our experience, we personally recommend a limit of about 300 words. This allows for a touching but not over-long summary of someone’s life, and it also fits nicely with the layout of the six photographs.

How is new yahrzeit data entered onto the screen?

Data can be entered from any computer with internet access. A synagogue employee or volunteer simply logs in to the Y.I. website and follows the on-screen instructions to input new names, dates, photos, biographies, etc. Our administration panel also allows you to preview the list of names to be displayed for any week, print out a list of names, change the background image on the touchscreen, and much more…